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Wild Belle – Keep You

Photo by: Caleb Condit


This summer has been beautiful and influenced heavily by reggae. I think that is why I keep letting Wild Belle’s (Natalie Bergman + band) track, “Keep You” be the back drop for these sticky, lazy days.


The music is amazingly produced, showcasing groove-heavy reggae percussion and some nicely recorded baritone sax with minimal piano throughout emphasizing the and beat, but it is Bergman’s voice on this track that really sets it off. Upon listening to Wild Belle’s other tracks, Bergman’s voice, though still beautiful and genuine, is a lot smokier and jazzier than it appears on “Keep You.” With this track, Bergman seems to step back from the song and execute her vocal delivery with that perfect balance of cool without ever seeming uninterested or detached. I believe they call that soul.


There’s so much more to say about the beautiful and wildly talented Natalie Bergman and the rest of her beautiful, wildly talented family, but I’d recommend just starting by listening to Keep You. It’s bound to keep you coming back for more and keep you wishing she would make this track downloadable… Natalie? What do you say? Can we keep you in our ipods? Can we keep you in our ears? keep you…? Puns…?


Man, it’s hot.


Check out Velvette’s blog here.



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27 Jul, 2011

Category: Music

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