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Tremble Interview: Grass Giraffes

We chatted with Athens, Georgia band Grass Giraffes when they rolled through Schubas in Chicago. Check out what Eddie and the gang had to say about giving their creations away for free.

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Category: Interviews, Video

21 Feb, 2012

Category: Interviews, Video

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  1. Viji says:

    Now it’s my turn to call you out, Andrew.You complain about PRS bkoilcng music videos in the UK, and yet here you are using a service that locks itself to a specific geographic region so that the rest of us aren’t even allowed to play along. You shouldn’t be supporting, however innocuously, this service. You should be complaining about the fragmentation of the Internet that this represents and refraining from showing any support of these people.There, I feel better now. My two cents are spent.

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