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Topography Meets Typography

It’s time to face facts.  I’m adult now.  I no longer have to study for mid-terms, I can’t stay out all night, and my Amelie movie poster no longer passes for home decoration.  Since coming to these terms, I’ve been searching for something new, something meaningful, to grace my barren walls.  And you know what I found that’s both useful and beautiful?  Typographic Map Print Posters. YES!  If you live in (or are in love with) a certain part of the world, these prints are the perfect piece to place above your mantle or along the wall of your entryway – so when your friends come over you can easily show off your balance of practicality and visual arts appreciation.

Here are some favorite Typographic Topographic Maps:

I'm sure you've seen this one before. If you've been to my house, you've definitely seen it.

Every street, every neighborhood, every body of water- written out for you. Click the pic for detailed views of this poster.

New York linocut poster by artist Mark Andrew Weber

I love this piece not only because it looks like New York, literally, but when I look at it, I kinda feel like I’m there. Weber also has amazing linocut prints of Amsterdam, London, and Paris (coming soon).

London's Kerning by NB Studio

I added this picture more of an example.  My apologies if my posting it here it only made you want it more.  Not sure if the second printing of this piece is still available, and even if it was, because of its size this poster cannot be delivered outside the UK.  Sorry, folks. Click the picture if you want more details.

The whole wide world in type by Vlad Studio

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Category: ART, Pop Culture

12 Oct, 2010

Category: ART, Pop Culture

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    data visualization!

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