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Tremble Pop: Top 10 Top 10 Lists of 2010

What’s the New Year without a Top Ten list? It seems everybody’s got a take on what was the best this last year had to offer. And that’s great, because while I’m clicking through these endless lists, it looks like I’m at my desk working, when really all I’m thinking about is what I’m going to wear to the Tremble New Year’s Day party.

Below are my favorite ways to waste time – my Top Ten List of Top 10 Lists.

1. The Top 10 Dirtiest Hotels of 2010 – Check this travel site to find places to create lasting vacation memories.

2. The Top 10 Bollywood Films of 2010 – Who doesn’t love a good choreographed dance number?

3. The Top 10 Best Comic Books & Graphic Novels of 2010 on Amazon dot com – This Top 10 is kind of a Top 20 because it’s split into “Editor’s Picks” and “Customer Favorites.” I agree more with “Customer Favorites.” Scott Pilgrim 6 was epic. It is the chronicle of our time. There, I said it. Actually, Joss Whedon said it. But I agree.

4. The Top Ten Celebrity Break Ups of 2010 – Nothing makes me giddier than the misery of pretty people.

5. The Top Ten Freakishly Specific Top Ten Lists from the Onion A/V Club – this is a Top Ten List from a magazine’s website about Top Ten Lists found on a free press newspaper’s website. A concept so ironic it should be wearing black cigarette jeans and be on its way to a Decemberists concert.

6. Top Ten Archeological Finds of 2010 – I assume we have one Mr. Indiana Jones to thank for this one.

7. Top Ten Viral Videos that don’t have Antoine Dodson in Them – this Huffington Post Top Ten List was called Top Ten Viral Videos, but all ten were about Antoine Dodson.

8. Top 10 Best Comedians of 2010 – The year may be over, but the laughs never stop! Until they do.

9. Top 10 Science Stories of 2010 – This is interesting and should help you sound smart when you’re making small talk with that hot chick wearing the Yale sweatshirt.

10. Top 10 of Everything 2010 from Time Magazine – Kanye West is on 8 of these lists. Somebody’s got a man-crush, it seems.

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Category: From the Web, Pop Culture

28 Dec, 2010

Category: From the Web, Pop Culture

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