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The Sunday Hangover – Track 8 Theory

Hello! I am a self aggrandizing jerk! Wouldn’t you be were it your birthday? It’s my birthday, y’all! WHAT UP?!?!?!?!?! WHAT A SPECIAL EDITION OF THE SUNDAY HANGOVER, RIGHT?!?!?!


Under the moniker “Track 8 Theory,” I used to make a lot of down-tempo/Lexus commercial/backpacker hip hop/relatively devoid of soul/ heady instrumental music. Then, I gave up on all pretense and just started making awful disco music. Man, it’s a lot easier to make music you KNOW is bad, because then if people don’t like it, you really don’t have to care. You don’t like it either, right? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

But, really, I digress. I certainly understand the importance of disco, and I respect it immensely. It is tactile. It is simple. It is gaugeable. To paraphrase James Murphy, if people dance, it worked. That, my friends, is truly beautiful simplicity.

Recently, however, I have had the honor (partially due to the fact that I’m constantly digging through music to review) of hearing so much truly inspired music, a lot of which is instrumental and loop based. So, I’ve kind of decided to start trying again. (But only to a degree… don’t worry.)

Listen: Track 8 Theory – Athens Ohio

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY Y’ALL!!!! Thanks to Diana for making me realize it can be happy. I love that woman.

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12 Dec, 2010

Category: Music

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