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The Sunday Hangover: Take – Only Mountain

It’s funny how whiskey begets whiskey. There’s something about that beautiful brown corn-poison that just seems to lure you back like a battered woman shouting, “It’s okay officer… he’s a good man.”

After an abusive episode, it’s only natural to seek solace. Though you may think you are forced to face the painful and often embarrassing injuries inflicted on you by that manliest of booze devils alone, there are professionals standing by who are capable of aiding you on your road to recovery. That is why, when whiskey has beaten me down all night Saturday night, on Sunday, I seek the guidance of the loving and capable staff at Dublab.

Dublab is a totally sick blog dedicated to treating symptoms and breaking the cycle of whiskey-related hangovers through education, ill beats, the sickest samples, outstanding production, and hangover-melting grooves.

One of the most caring and thorough staff members at Dublab, TAKE, has administered a break-through hangover remedy known as “Only Mountain.” Though currently not approved by the FDA, this unique treatment has already helped thousands in their battle against whiskey-related hangovers.

Picking up where Dr. Nosaj Thing left off, Take employs ultra heavy deep bass grooves that seem to touch on everything we like about dubstep and use them in a context that makes the listener forget everything that is annoying and derivative about dubstep. The overall feel of the record is one of a futuristic science fiction soundtrack. (One in which the plot involves an oppressive governmental entity whose laws are enforced by jet-powered vicious killing robots.)

The choice of synths and drums are somehow both organic and synthetic. It’s as if a group of robots, perhaps those same robots employed by the oppressive government, got together and formed a really smooth jazz-fusion group in the year 2545 and decided to use all “real” instruments.

I can’t recommend Take’s “Only Mountain” treatment enough. After only two short sessions, I feel as though I am nearly cured.

Listen: Take – Neon Beams

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27 Feb, 2011

Category: Music

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