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The Sunday Hangover: Maxime Le Forestier

Everyone is dancing. Everyone is swinging their partners around, and there is lederhosen.

No, ma’am, I don’t want a hit of that. Yes, I’ve heard of the band, “Luna.” Oh, you’re in it? My God, the Warhol in the bathroom, I know, right? Wait, is Chris being serious about the “stock trader” question?

It’s either cauliflower or potato salad, but it’s awesome with that pretzel. Yeah, that guy really is my boss. Oh, you used to play basketball professionally? I sell telephones.

No, Kevin, I still don’t want to dance with you. Yes, I swear that is actually my boss. This oompa band is really amazing. Oh, you like French pop? Come check out my blog! Yeah, I don’t know, they only put out seven inches.

Please do an interview with my blog. I really wish my boss would stop asking me to dance. Yeah, the guy in the black shirt is my boss, I swear. I don’t know, but I think they’re upstairs. Where does Diana keep going?

Will you please just come look at our blog? At least come look at it.  I won’t take no for an answer. Okay, you will do an interview with our blog? Awesome. Thank you.

There are spent bottles on every flat surface. Every girl has been danced. The people have formed smaller groups and are having more serious conversations. My bike lock clicks open, and we mount up, not exactly happy to leave, but feeling like the timing is right. We float home, and I swear there are no other vehicles in the world. We shut our eyes, and when we open them again, all there is is today.

Now listen to this track that has absolutely nothing to do with any of that.

Maxime Le Forestier – San Francisco


Posted by: Jamie

Category: Music

17 Oct, 2010

Category: Music

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4 Responses

  1. Allyson says:

    You were not the only people that rode your bikes! Elizabeth and I did! In heels!

  2. Dom says:

    Sauf que sur la photo, ce n’est pas Maxime le Forestier, mais Jean-Michel Caradec…

  3. James says:


    My bad, dude. Thanks for the heads up. This blog is kind of defunct, as I’m sure you can tell by the fact that it hasn’t been updated in forever, so I’m not going to do a damn thing to change that picture, sadly. I do appreciate the heads up, though. That’s a kind of stupid mistake for me to have made.


  4. Issac says:

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