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The Sunday Hangover: Manuele Atzeni – The Death With Modugno


No one could figure out how the dog got on top of the bookshelf. It wasn’t like there was a couch nearby. The doors had been locked when they left, and they were locked when they returned.


“Well, I just can’t get past it…I mean, I know you’re probably sick of hearing about it, but she was ON TOP of the book shelf… just up there curled up in a little ball.”


“That’s the craziest thing I ever heard of… I mean, what’d she do when you walked in?”


“She just kind of looked up at us kind of annoyed we had woken her up… I swear, I just can’t get past it.”


Lina and Craig had been friends when they were younger, but just recently they started hanging out together again.


“It sure is great to spend some time with you again.”




“I said, it’s nice we’re hanging out again.”


“Oh. Yeah, definitely…. on top… of the book shelf, dude… crazy.”



Author : Manuele Atzeni
Title : The Death With Modugno
Album : Sleepwalkers Walk Alone
Released on upitup.com under a Creative Commons license.

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22 Jan, 2012

Category: Music

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