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The Sunday Hangover: G-Side – Back 2 Tha Future

G-Side hail from Huntsville, Alabama. They’re a part of the massively talented Slow Motion Soundz entertainment group. You need to be listening to them everyday, but this gem dropped recently, and it is a perfect hangover melter. ST 2 Lettaz comes in second on the verse, and you can tell this man is TOTALLY feeling this beat. He sounds right at home on this ethereal trunk rattler. Also, I can’t stress strongly enough how much you should have already been listening to “Huntsville International.” Best mix tape of last year?

Roll Tide, Roll.

Posted by: Jamie

Category: Music

6 Mar, 2011

Category: Music

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  1. Jamie says:

    “time traveler…abra cadabara, rolling up and smoking out the pages of a calender…”

    That’s just… extremely amazing.

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