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The Sunday Hangover: Cains and Abels – “The Price is Right” EP

Chicago-based “Cains and Abels” continue to make music that inspires. Their latest EP, The Price is Right, is absolutely fantastic. I can tell you for sure that these guys are VERY deliberate musicians. You can sense this in their latest effort. Each part is an essential mechanism moving in tandem, propelling the C&A machine forward with the quiet, reliable, precision-engineering of a Swiss watch.

Sampson’s lyrics are particularly honest on this latest EP and show a deliberate, but not overly-forced, sense of vocal economy. He says an awful lot with very little. His vocal delivery is fairly typical Cains and Abels, though there is the new addition of little trance inducing repetitious phrases through which Sampson takes fairly broad statements (“All my time gets wasted…”) and turns them into meditative, cathartic, incantations.

Josh Ippel’s guitar work is absolutely brilliant on this EP. He manages his instrument with strict discipline, commanding beautiful soundscapes that fill up Sampson’s vocals like helium and lift the whole band up out of syrupy reality into an oily, smoke-filled dream. Ippel’s performance on the track, “I’ll Be Home” is a powerful testament to his maturity as a player and his understanding of song writing. He is present but never in the way.

Jonathan Dawe continues to be one of my favorite Chicago drummers to hear. His parts are misleadingly complex but never distracting. He lays a perfect bed over which Ippel and Sampson can dream on endlessly. I am particularly impressed with his work on the last track, “Stay Home Tonight.” Dawe dials back his sometimes frenetic, counterpoint rhythms and lays lazily in the pocket, never pushing the groove forward but never allowing it to stop.

This EP is a massive step for this continuously progressing band. The Price is Right is a huge jump-stop that will hopefully square up Cains and Abels for the deepest, most accurate three pointer of their career.


Listen: Cains and Abels – Stay Home Tonight

Download: Here

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16 Jan, 2011

Category: Music

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