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The Sunday Hangover: Bonobo – Black Sands

This week on the Sunday hangover, it is my distinct privilege to bring  you one of my favorite artists of all time, Simon Green.

Somehow, way back in internet history (March of 2010,) Bonobo (Simon Green) squeaked out a record called “Black Sands” without me noticing. When I discovered this, a little piece of my soul died. It was one of those, “wow, this is really a reflection of the times,” type moments. It was a prime reminder of the fact that we are inundated by so much crap on a daily basis and spend so much time sussing through it all that we often overlook many of the things we truly love.

A few years back, Bonobo made a pretty major shift (in my opinion) in his style. Something really magical happened between his records “Dial M for Monkey” and “Days to Come.” His production has always been stellar, even on his lower fi stuff from “Animal Magic,” but there was just something about the way “Days to Come” sounded that really represented a great leap for this prolific artist. While most of the individual songs on “Days to Come” were resoundingly strong, the album lacked a bit of cohesiveness. It was the kind of album release that made you say, “I can’t wait to hear what he does next.”

What he’s done next is release one of the best electronic albums I’ve heard in a long time.  Any cohesiveness that may have been lacking in “Days to Come” is more than compensated for on “Black Sands.” Stylistically, the new record shows a side of Bonobo with which I wasn’t terribly familiar. Stepping away from his traditionally all-organic sounds, Bonobo peppers his new tracks with crushed down 8-bit synths, classic 909 drums and rather heavy sub bass lines. It is in the song structure, the haunting melodies, and the undeniable “head-noddiness” of it all where Green steps in and screams, “This is a Bonobo record!”

Black Sands is an album you need to own. It fits perfectly into Bonobo’s corpus and represents another significant contribution from a very gifted musician.

Download the album here.

Listen: Bonobo – We Could Forever

Watch: Bonobo – Kiara

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10 Oct, 2010

Category: Music

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  1. Gary says:

    This album is so good. I picked it up a few months ago. It’s absolutely beautiful!

  2. Jamie says:

    It is. It really is. Okay, I’m off to the park. Where are you from, Gary?

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