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The Sugar Dicks – Everybody’s Dead

I know a couple of guys who are amazing musicians. They are prolific and genuine. These are a bunch of really good guys who make a lot of really good music. Some of it was made under the (distasteful? amazing?) name, “The Sugar Dicks.” I was lucky enough to play a show or two with Roy Coughlin and Gabe Vodicka (Key members of The Sugar Dicks.) Both of these cats are working musicians who would rather be playing music than whatever else they have to do to support themselves. Both of these guys have played tons of music in Athens, GA and in the surrounding areas.


I was just reminded of this amazing album the Sugar Dicks released a few years back called, “Everybody’s Dead.” You should go download it. It’s absolutely fantastic, dirty, lo-fi, pop rock and roll music. Go grab that ASAP.


You can pick up the album for free here.

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30 Nov, 2011

Category: Music

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