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“The Purge” by Chris Whiteburch

I came across an article on Colossal about Austin based artist collective “Ink Tank“. They recently created a large scale installation entitled “Last New Year”, which interprets the human reaction to the impending doom of the apocalypse, as predicted by the Mayan Calendar. Below are images of one the installations, titled “Purge” by artist Chris Whiteburch, who is currently finishing a BFA in Studio Art at the University of Texas at Austin.

The fluid movement of the debris being vomited from the bowels of this foreclosed home is delicate and balanced. The abrasive violence of the scene unexpectedly evokes a sense of calm. The artists describe “Last New Year” as a celebration of the end, a study of crisis management, a search for meaning, a chance for closure, and “an unwavering column of truth in a desert of confusion.”

I really want to see this while we are in Austin for SXSW.

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5 Mar, 2012

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