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Tennis cover The Zombies – Tell Her No


Well, it took Tennis covering The Zombies to shake me out of my music-writing hiatus. (Thanks to the fine folks over at Gorilla Vs. Bear for posting this gem.)


The cats at Fat Possum continue to sign pretty amazing bands who churn out amazing music at a rather dizzying rate. (Seriously, if Fat Possum were a baseball team, they’d be batting somewhere around .900) They are on a path to corner the market on good new music. This new effort from Tennis does not deviate an inch from that trajectory.


It’s a pretty bold undertaking for any band to cover such a recognizable and wonderful pop masterpiece, but I think Tennis does it rather well. Covering such a classic seems to be something many bands are afraid to do. It’s kind of like asking a pretty girl to prom. It seems really scary, so most people are afraid to try it, even though if it worked, you would end up at the prom with a super hot chick and not at home watching Beavis and Butthead re-runs and pretending I don’t want to be there anyway… What?


Perhaps the strength of this cover is that it does not steer too much off the path cleared so many years ago by the Zombies. Even the recording seems very true to form. Tennis’ recording, much like that of the Zombies, is subtle and nuanced really allowing the listener to focus on the band’s mature, scaled back performance. This subtlety in the recording as well as Tennis’ performance allows the song to come alive for the listener rather than distracting her or him with some overblown reinvention of the song.


Listen: Tell Her No by tennisinc



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12 Oct, 2011

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