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A while back, my good friend, David Sampson, (singer of Tremble favorites “Cains and Abels,”) told me about this interesting fellow out of Akron, Ohio named Mike Tolan who plays music under the pseudonym, “Talons.” I kind of forgot to listen to any of his stuff until about 2 months ago when I got my hands on his record, “Rustic Bullshit.” It was pretty much the only thing I listened to while I was working in Cote D’Ivoire, and I haven’t stopped listening since I got back.

With the long, imminent, looming, gray winter taking hold in every crack, shingle, and breeze in this city, the timing for listening to Talons’ entire catalog has never been more appropriate. His often bleak lyrics very honestly reflect the transient suburban sprawling emptiness of so much of the cold northern mid west.

Thematically, Tolan explores love and loss predominately, though he often mentions money. He ties these themes together by very honestly showing his listener how the recession is brutally affecting this country’s working poor.

Own Records writes about his album, “Songs for Babes.”

“In his “Songs for Babes”, Mike Tolan has captured the faces of our Great Recession. Talons’ might not make much sense in whatever utopia or dystopia awaits our world a decade from now, but the part-time workers, young mothers, and anxious girlfriends in these songs resonate strongly in our nervous & disappointed early 21st century. Janky folk guitars, diverse fumbling instrumentation, ambient sounds and field recordings, crunch-wrapped together under resigned singing from Mr. Tolan himself. Timely and wonderful.”
-Own Records

Tolan includes lots of cool hand-drawn artwork and other goodies with his albums, though he has made most of them available for free download here.

Listen to Talons this winter and support both Bark and Hiss Records and Own Records. These guys are doing great stuff.

“FTW” off the record “Rustic Bullshit.”

Talons – FTW

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2 Oct, 2010

Category: Music


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  1. […] pretty pumped about this show at the Viaduct Theater. Both Talons and Cains and Abels are some of our favorites. If you come, you’ll see some Tremble in action […]

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