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An Interview with Capsula

We talked with Argentinean 3 piece Capsula about dadaism, the future noise, and the effects of the economic crisis on musicians in Argentina. Performance footage is from their show at the Grackle in Austin during SXSW.

SXSW 2012 Coverage Begins: An Interview with Seun Kuti

An Interview with Seun Kuti from Tremble Tremble on Vimeo.


Our annual SXSW coverage has begun, and we will be releasing video interviews we conducted over this next week. So make sure you check back daily for new video interviews with Quilt, I am Oak, CFCF, Capsula and many others. Covering SXSW is a double edged sword for us- we both love and hate to cover this festival. The Seun Kuti and Egypt 80 performance we covered in Austin, which is shown in the video above, was plagued with problems from the start. Egypt 80 should’ve never played on such a small stage, and the venue couldn’t handle the set up. Seun and Egypt 80 flew all the way from Nigeria to play this show, which was cut short due to the technical difficulties of the sound booth and set up. They only played for 25 minutes, which was a travesty. A typical SXSW scenario. Here is a accurate article from Tiny Mix Tapes about this year’s SXSW Festival.

Tremble was fortunate to see Egypt 80 play again this past Sunday at the House of Blues in Chicago, and there was no comparison. They actually had enough room on stage to move around.

In this video, Seun Kuti tells us about the timeless attributes of the Afrobeat genre, the implications of the retraction of the oil subsidies on the Nigerian people, western vs. african governmental corruption, and what’s coming up for Egypt 80.

“Wahala” by Blitz the Ambassador Ft Keziah Jones, Baloji and Bocafloja

Great song. Great video.

Vice Presents: Faustino’s Patagonian Retreat

As a production person, I am always enthralled with Vice Tv’s production capabilities. I can only imagine what a feat it was to convince this guy to allow a film crew to follow him around.

Ahhh!!! Pilsen Music Festival

We worked with Young Rebel Disco this summer to put on the second annual Ahh!!! Pilsen music festival on July 31st. Check out the video we made:



Tremble Interview: The Black Angels

We talked with The Black Angels frontman Alex Maas before their show at Lincoln Hall in Chicago.

Synesthesia: Directed by Terri Timley

Gasland: The Trailer

Looking forward to seeing this film.

Charming Baker is Shooting His Paintings

Just watched this video via Wooster Collective. It’s really well done, and I enjoyed listening to CB discuss the additional layers that bullet holes add to his work.

The Secret Powers of Time

A friend of mine pointed me towards this video, “The Secret Powers of Time.”  I can appreciate the video, not only because of the interesting video work and well-crafted cartoon-like artistry, but also because the content really makes you go, “hmmm.”

The audio is a speech given by one Professor Philip Zimbardo, about how the perception of time effects one’s perception of life. It makes sense to me. Now I can blame my terrible procrastination on the fact that “my people” never see snow. 😉

~ Marissa

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