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Pop Winds

So, for the past few days I’ve been making out pretty exclusively with Montreal based record label, Arbutus. It’s a nice relationship, really. I come home from work, sit down on the couch, and she comes to me through the internet and gives me sweet Canadian kisses on my cold, tired, bored ears.

This morning she gave me another sweet gift, “Pop Winds.”

Okay, creepy “making out with internet web pages” euphemisms aside, Pop Winds’ record “The Turquoise” is absolutely phenomenal.

Though vocally this group seems greatly influenced by Animal Collective and other similar electronic infused indie psychedelica, Pop Winds sets themselves apart from the pack with some very subtly arranged instrumentation. At their most frenetic, they entangle layer after layer of synth arpeggios with tight vocal harmonies, bit crushed midi drums and smooth, sexy saxophone. They definitely know how to “wall of sound” the hell out of you, but they also seem to be steeped heavily in the knowledge of the economy of music. They have a lot of “music money,” but they seem to only spend a lot when they know it will benefit the song. This acute attention to song structure is what keeps Pop Winds (as their name implies) rooted within the boundaries of pop music.

You can download “The Turquoise” here.

Listen: Pop Winds – “Met Some New Colors

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