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Quilt: Penobska Oakwalk

Let’s just talk about how good this song is. We are going to be chatting with Quilt down in Austin next week, and while coordinating this interview with John (the drummer) I asked him if it would be way cheesy if we conducted the interview in front of a quilt. That I made. Because I make quilts.

(my dog on my quilt)

“Wahala” by Blitz the Ambassador Ft Keziah Jones, Baloji and Bocafloja

Great song. Great video.

Tremble Interview: Bomba Estereo

We chatted with Simón Mejía and Julian Salazar of famed Columbian group Bomba Estereo backstage at Lincoln Hall in Chicago.

Friday from the Vault: Lord Shorty – Sweet Music (Sofrito Edit)



Okay, so I am totally cheating on this Friday from the vault. I do not have time to do my own transfer of this song, but I SWEAR I actually own this record. I am going to cheat this morning, however. I am running a bit late for work, because my lovely wife and I went out and played REALLY bad pool for hours last night with our friend Andrew. That is a lot of background into my night particularly considering it has no bearing whatsoever on this post… Hmmm…. SWEET MUSIC!


The story behind this record is a bitter sweet one. I picked this up at Sound Garden in Baltimore at the end of a REALLY terrible trip across the country with my wife. We were both exhausted and so glad to be off the road. We were so sleep deprived that we felt jet lagged as we walked through the streets of Baltimore, zombie-like, still feeling the movement of the car even though we were walking.


I spotted this record and knew I wanted it without much prior knowledge of Lord Shorty. (I think I had heard the name at some point.) When we got back home, and I put this record on, I knew instantly it was a great decision. The record is a single, and the B-Side is a track called E-Pee-Tee. It’s fantastic as well. I will upload it when I get home from work today and add it to this post.


This and other amazing hard to find Tropicalia/African/Latin/Disco/Funk goodies are being discovered and reissued by the awesome folks at Sofrito. These cats have impeccable taste, and have some really stunning new releases coming soon.




Brownout! : SXSW 2011 Coverage

Mainstays of Latin Funk, Austin’s own, Brownout!  took a moment out of their RIDICULOUSLY busy SXSW schedule to speak to the TT crew right before their performance at Antone’s during SXSW. Listen up as these wildly talented young rascals talk about their influences, their musical style, and their love of making music that makes people dance. Check out their site here, and please support this exciting band however you can.

Wild Nothing

Well, I’m off on a journey to find love against overwhelming odds. Maybe I’ll be forced to fight mysterious woodland creatures to protect my simple way of life and preserve the forest community my colleagues and I have built into the trunks of trees. Maybe there will be some sort of beautiful, ethereal equestrian flight involved. Maybe I’ll be given a magical weapon by an unlikely ally to assist me in my quest. And maybe, just maybe, when the smoke from the final battle is rising, and my love slowly turns to meet my gaze, her perm springing in the stillness of post battle, this album will trumpet forth from the surrounding clouds. And are we ascending now? Into space? We are. Locked in a loving embrace, our infinite love rising slowly into the glassy ether.

Download the album here.

The Rural Alberta Advantage

Some members of Tremble drove down to Nashville this past holiday weekend.

Playing in our car on repeat? The Rural Alberta Advantage.

Get The Album Here

Tunnelvision- not real good

I’m not typically one to write scathing reviews. For the most part, if I think something is terrible, I keep it to myself and certainly don’t blog about the atrocity. However, this Tunnelvision Pitchfork video struck me to the core, and I find myself actively disliking every element.

The lame 80’s throwback attempt of Geneva’s performance coupled with the abhorrent video production fell short in every way imaginable. People: In order to give a video an “80s” feel, you don’t have to completely turn your back on aesthetics.

Pitchfork: you’re really missing the mark with this Tunnelvision team.

Interview: Nosaj Thing

Tremble Interview with Nosaj Thing from diana gurley on Vimeo.

Nosaj thing talks to Tremble about his creative endeauvors.



The year was 2004. The city was Athens, GA. I had been freshly DUMPED by the love of my life, and I was attempting to drink some sense of purpose into my days. Of course, this did little but perpetuate the chaos erupting inside my head. This chaos erupted with such frequency and ferocity that it began spill out of me, and, suddenly, chaos began to appear everywhere I looked.

My room was chaotic, my house was chaotic, my kitchen chaotic, my friends chaotic. I began to live a completely chaotic life, rarely washing myself, never washing dishes, drinking anything, and sleeping everywhere. I also began going to as many shows as I possibly could. The bands that resonated most with me at the time were those whose music, and more significantly, whose PERFORMANCES mirrored the vacuous mess that my life had become.

Enter, Sids.

The first time I saw Sids, I played a show with them at the VERY conservative “Berry College” in Rome GA. The show was outside, and they drove up to the stage (a flatbed trailer) in an SUV BLARING some horrible noise from the stereo and entered the stage by climbing through the sun roof. (Needless to say, they SHOCKED the crowd…) The show blew me away, and I was lucky to see them many times afterwards back in Athens. They were loud, they were danceable, they had a cardboard cut-out of Sid Vicious who “played keyboard,” and their bass player was super hot. They were exactly the band I needed right then.

Their drummer Josh Fauver was also the drummer for a little band that had been making a lot of noise around the Atlanta area called, “Deerhunter.”

There’s a great little article written about Sids that can be found HERE. (All the way down at the bottom…I was actually AT both of the shows Gordon mentions in his review, and they were incredible!)

This song “Kandy Kane” comes from their 7” release that shares that same name. It was put out by Stickfigure Records.

Here’s to chaos! Loud, catchy, chaos!

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