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The Sugar Dicks – Everybody’s Dead

I know a couple of guys who are amazing musicians. They are prolific and genuine. These are a bunch of really good guys who make a lot of really good music. Some of it was made under the (distasteful? amazing?) name, “The Sugar Dicks.” I was lucky enough to play a show or two with Roy Coughlin and Gabe Vodicka (Key members of The Sugar Dicks.) Both of these cats are working musicians who would rather be playing music than whatever else they have to do to support themselves. Both of these guys have played tons of music in Athens, GA and in the surrounding areas.


I was just reminded of this amazing album the Sugar Dicks released a few years back called, “Everybody’s Dead.” You should go download it. It’s absolutely fantastic, dirty, lo-fi, pop rock and roll music. Go grab that ASAP.


You can pick up the album for free here.

Tremble SXSW Update: Twin Tigers Interview

Above is a taste of the interview we did this afternoon with Athens, GA natives – Twin Tigers.  The band was awesome enough to take some time out of their busy SXSW schedules (7 shows in 4 days!) to hang with us “down by the river”. Stay tuned for the video in the coming weeks! If you want more up-to-the minute Tremble x SXSW adventures, follow our Twitter feed !



The year was 2004. The city was Athens, GA. I had been freshly DUMPED by the love of my life, and I was attempting to drink some sense of purpose into my days. Of course, this did little but perpetuate the chaos erupting inside my head. This chaos erupted with such frequency and ferocity that it began spill out of me, and, suddenly, chaos began to appear everywhere I looked.

My room was chaotic, my house was chaotic, my kitchen chaotic, my friends chaotic. I began to live a completely chaotic life, rarely washing myself, never washing dishes, drinking anything, and sleeping everywhere. I also began going to as many shows as I possibly could. The bands that resonated most with me at the time were those whose music, and more significantly, whose PERFORMANCES mirrored the vacuous mess that my life had become.

Enter, Sids.

The first time I saw Sids, I played a show with them at the VERY conservative “Berry College” in Rome GA. The show was outside, and they drove up to the stage (a flatbed trailer) in an SUV BLARING some horrible noise from the stereo and entered the stage by climbing through the sun roof. (Needless to say, they SHOCKED the crowd…) The show blew me away, and I was lucky to see them many times afterwards back in Athens. They were loud, they were danceable, they had a cardboard cut-out of Sid Vicious who “played keyboard,” and their bass player was super hot. They were exactly the band I needed right then.

Their drummer Josh Fauver was also the drummer for a little band that had been making a lot of noise around the Atlanta area called, “Deerhunter.”

There’s a great little article written about Sids that can be found HERE. (All the way down at the bottom…I was actually AT both of the shows Gordon mentions in his review, and they were incredible!)

This song “Kandy Kane” comes from their 7” release that shares that same name. It was put out by Stickfigure Records.

Here’s to chaos! Loud, catchy, chaos!

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