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Tremble Pop: Poocharé, the best dog food EVER

Oh, the things you can find on the Internet!

Just watch this awesomeness.

This commercial makes me want to hop into my DeLorean to grab a can, myself.

Fun Facts:

Man in blue onesie played by Eugene Levy

Voiceover done by the late, great John Candy

Friday From the Vault: Limahl – Only For Love (Dance Mix)

Today’s Friday From the Vault is ex front man of Kajagoogoo, “Limahl.” Dude has completely sweet hair. That’s really all you need to know. After he was ousted from Kajagoogoo, this mulleted fellow went on to have quite a prolific career. I don’t really remember where I got this record, but I think it was in with the bundle of free records I got from J’s Variety* in Athens, GA. You can read all you want about this little delightful man over here on his internet web page.

It’s Friday. Just go bananas.

Listen: Limahl – Only For Love (Dance Mix)

Download the track here.

(*They don’t have an internet web page.)

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