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Sophisticated Savagery: FaSoLa Singing

Kevin Bouldin, a Tremble friend, created this audio piece for the Nashville NPR affiliate WPLN. They run a series entitled “Upon First Meeting”, and in this episode he explores a music form that “predates both jazz and blues”.

excerpt from NPR article: “More than two hundred years after its birth, the stylings of this a capella music are still being enjoyed across the country from Manhattan to Northern Alabama to San Diego. WPLN’s Kevin Bouldin has this story about fasola and its connection to Music City.”

It is a beautiful piece. You should LISTEN.

Photo + Video by Daniel Collins.

Posted by: Diana

Category: From the Web, Music, Pop Culture, Randomness

21 Jan, 2011

Category: From the Web, Music, Pop Culture, Randomness

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  1. Aman says:

    SoundHound lets you open songs in Spotify and buy from Amazon. I think Google Sound Search is pretty bare bones for right now, but I hope that cngeahs when Jelly Bean comes out.

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