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SILLY KISSERS – Precious Necklace

So, I’ve spent the majority of my day rocking out to this totally sweet Canadian band, “Silly Kissers.” There’s a way cooler video from these guys over here, but this song is significantly better in my opinion.

Whenever I see music categorized as “synth pop,” I get slightly terrified, because I think it might sound something like this:

Thank God the folks over at ARBUTUS RECORDS/WEIRD CANADA wouldn’t stand for that. Silly Kissers is definitely synth pop, but they don’t rely predominately on wicked distorted stabs and side chain compressed saws to give them a “bad ass” edge. The song writing is incredibly strong. Their lyrics are fantastic and their melodies are infectious. The production is a little on the DIY sounding side but this fits thematically with the lyrics and overall feel of the songs.

I know relatively little else about this band other than that they sound great. It’s really dreamy, analog-y sounding pop that will have you saying to yourself, “Maybe Canada isn’t just all Tom Greens, and ‘aboots’ and hambacon. Maybe those folks have fun too.”

Download the album “Precious Necklace” here.


Silly Kisers – “mine r u mine

Posted by: Jamie

Category: Music

6 Oct, 2010

Category: Music


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