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Screen Vinyl Image – Interceptors

“Alex, you’ve been drinking all night. You shouldn’t do this! This is stupid!”

“I’m going to teach that son of a bitch not to run his mouth like that anymore.”


He looks at her through the blue translucent visor of his helmet. “This is happening tonight.”

Still looking at her, his index and middle fingers rise to the ignition switch, a thunderous blast of combustion, an electric crackle followed by a deep hum rising octave by octave until it is inaudible to anything on two legs.

Jarvis watches them both from across the lot already hovering in his craft. The wings are short and gray and turn up at a right angle about three feet from the tips. The rest of the craft is metallic black with red LED trim that beams brighter as the engine accelerates.

His eyes narrow beneath the brim of his helmet as he watches the end of his opponents argument.

Wanda is standing on her toes pointing an index finger and shouting at Alex who is hovering now, too. Her hair is in the wind and the ties of her shirt are lifted straight up, floating like undulating horns over her thrashing head. She stumbles back blown off balance by the force of Alex’s engine as he races forward.

On cue, Jarvis punches the accelerator, a blazing red trail of light disintegrates behind him. The crafts hurtle forward. Jarvis’ face glowing more and more red as the two craft operators lock eyes. The sound of a turbo accelerant exploding is deafening as Alex’s craft, gray with orange trim around the wings, lurches forward pressing him hard into the operator’s seat. Another explosion, and Jarvis is pressed firmly against his seat, his craft bolting towards Alex’s as if by magnetic attraction. The crafts are nearly nose to nose.

Alex’s eyes are squeezed tightly shut when he hears the third explosion followed by the sound of shrapnel glancing off his windshield. For a moment his entire body is numb. He thinks of his mother. He thinks of Wanda with her beautiful smile and borderline absurd fashion eccentricities. He thinks of Wanda’s concerned warnings each time he jumped in his craft to go on another delivery run. He thinks of Wanda only and opens his eyes in time to jerk his craft to the left and avoid slamming into a concrete barrier.

His craft skips across the grass and lunges to a stop after three consecutive spins. He looks back out across the lot. Jarvis’ craft is in smoldering disarray, strewn across the lot. His own craft has not been harmed. He lifts his shaking hands from the steering console and turns back towards where Wanda had parked. Her craft’s theft defense canon is deployed  and trailing smoke. Her eyes are wide. Her face is white.

He fumbles for his craft communicator.

Listen: Screen Vinyl Image – Until the End of Time

Download – Screen Vinyl Image – Interceptors

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