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Rocky Horror – Destructo EP

Rocky Horror, a prolific DJ/Producer/Controllerist out of Charleston, S.C. brings us his latest offering in the form of a RIDICULOUSLY intense EP called, Destructo. Aptly titled, this EP destroyed the front left speaker in my whip. (I think it’s funny to call a Dodge Calliber a whip…)


While the whole EP boasts trunk rattling bass, eye bulging, tweaked out synth lines, and fist pumping drum sequences, it is in the track Acrophobia (featuring Charleston rapper Righchus) that Rocky Horror (Chris Morris) really hits his stride.


When I first learned that Chris was working with a rapper on a track, I feared it might be a little overkill, like trying to cram an 8 person tent into a condom. (Why did my mind go THERE first?) Chris has a tendency to take musical corners really quickly in his songs and dj sets which makes for really great instrumental music, because you never get bored.  But somehow, instead of sounding too busy, it really works with Righchus’ polished voice and machine-gun cadence. The song has a MEGA bounce to it as well, almost sounding like it shifts to a 6/8 time signature at points, but Righchus stays confidently in the pocket the whole time.


The EP also features two really strong remixes of RH tracks. One is from Charleston darling, Jeff ET, and the other is a heavy-as-lead, soul crushing BANGER from Mexican death-synth mogul, Rocket.


A really great freshman release from a super talented and busy young DJ from Charleston, Destructo is definitely worth checking out. You can pick it up on iTunes.


A few points of interest:

1. Do not listen to this EP if you’re pregnant. It could induce labor.

2. This EP will NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER appear on the Sunday Hangover portion of this blog. In fact, I considered starting a new section called, “This Is Why You’re Hungover” specifically for Rocky Horror.



There are exactly 3,985,343,022 ways to find this guy online, but here are a few of them:

Official Website: http://www.RHclubmusic.com
Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/rockyhorror
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rockyhorrified
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/rockyhorror
Contact / Bookings: info@RHclubmusic.com

Posted by: Jamie

Category: Music

1 Aug, 2011

Category: Music


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