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Ricky Blaze


The other day, I got word from my Jamaican friends, via Blue Hill Ave in Dorchester, that the hottest thing coming out of the Islands right now is a kid by the name of Ricky Blaze. Normally, when my Caribbean boys tell me something is dope, it is, but on this one occasion, I was pretty skeptical..

A. His name is ‘Ricky Blaze’


B. He’s from BROOKLYN..

So I said to my boys “yo, this kid is from Brooklyn, not even Montego Bay, not even KINGSTON!!” and they simply turned to me, put their fancy $300 “Beats by Dre” headphones on my ears and said “Shut up and listen..”

This dude is hot. No getting around it. Jamaican dancehall is a tough genre to make it big in, even in Brooklyn, but this dude is busting through. (and that guest appearance on the Major Lazer album last year probably didn’t hurt too much…) Keep on the lookout for Ricky Blaze. According to his Myspace, he is dropping a mixtape soon, but in the mean time, just enjoy this club banger!

Rep fo de Jamaica!

Posted by: Diana

Category: Music

16 Feb, 2010

Category: Music


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