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You know when you’re home alone on a Saturday morning, thoughtlessly tidying up your living space from empty beer bottles and whatnot from the debaucheries that took place the night before, your iPod is plugged into the stereo on shuffle, and suddenly a song – a song you hadn’t heard in two summers bubbles up from the bottom of the ocean of your music collection and comes to the surface to once again show you how shiny it is even though it’s been buried for years. And you stop everything to marvel at it. You put down your Swiffer and sit on the couch and stare at the speakers, suddenly hyper-aware of your breathing. You close your eyes and you’re swept back to the floor of your boyfriend’s apartment, the cats tip-toeing around your head. This song reaches you for the first time and by the time the bridge comes you decide you have to have it. You’re on the train a month later, your backpack hugging close, the summer heat has already made you slick between your shoulder blades and you hate that you decided to wear a bra today. But this song pushes out of your earbuds and something about that first haunting, sweet chord the woman sings makes you smile as you speed through the Chicago skyline. All those moments come together to this moment, on the couch, where you’re not just listening to this song, but experiencing it, and all those times you’ve ever experienced it happen at once.

Yeah, don’t you love that?

This is Psapp’s “This Way” from their second album (of three) “The Only Thing I Ever Wanted”. The London-based duo, Carim Clasmann and Galia Durant, create music from just about anything they can get their hands on. Listen close for bells and whistles, toy pianos, zippers, squeaky bath ducks, WHATEVS. Wikipedia claims they invented “toytronica” – electornic music made with, you guessed it, toys and toy instruments. They do sound like they’re having a lot of fun making their music, with bright, happy percussions and a Bossa Nova feel juxtaposed against Galia’s haunting, sultry voice.

If you don’t know them, I encourage you to check ‘em out. If you do, I encourage you to put on their album, and remember.

Psapp’s Site

~ M

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20 Feb, 2010

Category: Music


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