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Portraits of the Plains Indians by Edward Curtis

I’ve been reading a biography on the last great Comanche warrior, Quanah Parker, which inspired me to research traditional Navajo masks for an upcoming music video I’m directing for my husband and fellow blogger, Jamie McGaw. I came across the work of photographer Edward Curtis from the turn of the century, and I was stunned by his work. Below is a selection of some of my favorites.

Curtis was a prolific photographer- spending time with various tribes in the American southwest up into the Badlands of the Dakotas. This intimacy of some of his portraits implies that he garnered some pretty unprecedented access to these tribes. I’m still researching him, and am looking forward to finding out more about his story.


Navajo-Tobadzischini [Yeibichai war god] 1904 by E.S.Curtis

Navajo Mask – 1904

Oasis in the Badlands, Chief Red Hawk, Teton Sioux, by Edward S. Curtis 1905

Oasis in the Badlands, Chief Red Hawk, Teton Sioux, by Edward S. Curtis 1905

Edward S Curtis, Navajo night chant, c1904 (This is my favorite. Absolutely haunting.)

Navajo Dancer masked as Haschelti [Talking God] during the Yeibichai ceremony,1904

Navaho, Canyon de Chelly, by Edward S. Curtis 1904

Navajo Mask – 1904

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13 Aug, 2011

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