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Planet Creature – The Pigeon EP

You’re sitting on your front porch waiting for your ride to dance class to arrive. Usually your friend’s mom, Carol, takes you, but today Carol is caring for her husband who has just passed a gallstone. You learn that you will be riding with Carol’s 20 something year old son from a different father. He has just moved back in with his mother after failing out of community college near Los Angeles. You double check the contents of your complimentary Atlanta Braves duffle bag, procured through the tedious process of being one of the first 500 people in line at the game.

You hear him before you see him. A terrifying blend of smoke, reverb, insubordination, liberation, screeching, swelling, pulsing, shouting, and is that…? Yes, it is… cursing. From behind the line of magnolias and dogwoods, a terrible faded yellow Toyota pick up truck swims towards you like a hungry shark. You open the door, slide in, and stare at the floor board. The only sound louder than the rock and roll in your ears is the sound of Carol’s son drumming along on the steering wheel as he speeds off towards the studio, and even though you’re terrified of what you’re hearing, you’re pretty sure it’s the most amazing thing ever.

To take your mind off the way Carol’s son is not keeping his eyes on the road, you begin to look around at the sundry items strewn throughout the cab of the truck. You train your eyes on a cassette case. The insert is black and white with hand writing scrawled as if by a man possessed. You struggle to read the words without picking it up, but you just can’t see. You reach down in a moment of great triumph, grab firm the cassette case, flip it over and read aloud, “Planet Creature.

Listen: Planet Creature – Das Pirates

Download:Planet Creature – The Pigeon EP

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19 Oct, 2010

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