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Ogden Avenue Sculpture

Last night we were on our way to The Post Family studio for an art opening, and we happened upon this mixed media sculpture on Ogden Avenue.

I know nothing about the artist or the art work, but from my own observations the placement of the work in the natural world is key to understanding its meaning. It’s home is a transportation hub: the forgotten dirt floor median of a busy diagonal intersection, with a busy commuter train frequently passing on the tracks above the tunnel. The boat itself transports the snaking, Godly branch through the murky waters of urban life. I don’t really know what the structure is composed of (our guess was maybe cloth white gloves). The transparent nature of the material allows the tunnel’s light to illuminate it like some growing, pulsating altar.

I just think the artist was acutely aware of the natural space, in such a way that the space and the work don’t fight each other. They work in conjunction together. This factor makes the piece meld into the space, so that both space and piece are the work. We loved it. It was exciting to just happen upon such a well crafted, well constructed piece of art in such a depressed and forgotten setting. Anyone in Chicago know who the artist is?

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9 Oct, 2010

Category: ART

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