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So I went to New York a couple weeks ago to do a photoshoot for my dear friend Jocelyn Negron, who is the owner+designer of Nicolux . We used to collaborate on video installation projects a lot during college, so it was just like old times. Her jewelry is so much fun, check it out.

The Director of Photography, Gary Bardiziban (who we also went to school with), was shooting on a Red EPIC camera, which was incredibly exciting for me to see in action. I’d never seen one before. It was so much fun.


© 2011 Nicolux Inc.
DP: Gary Bardiziban
Art Direction: Diana McGaw + Jocelyn Negron
Styling: Kingsley Bloom
Edited by: Diana McGaw
Music by: Jamie McGaw



A Couple stills from the photoshoot:



A Couple pictures I took while in New York:







A couple videos we made together in college a long time ago:

CHRISTINA from diana gurley on Vimeo.

Untitled from diana gurley on Vimeo.

Posted by: Diana

Category: Pop Culture, Video

8 Aug, 2011

Category: Pop Culture, Video


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  1. Marion says:

    Jocelyn! I train your mom at my gym, I am so impressed with you and your talent for design. Keep up the good work and New York will take you places!. I have one of your necklaces I love it and recieve many compliments on it. You look amazing in your video and are beautiful just like your mother :)
    My best, Marion

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