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Merry Christmas, Have Some Whiskey

This is kind of out of the norm for Tremble blog posts, but sometimes we come across something just so good we have to share it.

Whiskey? Boutique distilling? Giving up one’s career to follow your passion? These are all things we love at Tremble.

Meet Koval Distillery. It is the first boutique liquor distillery in our home city of Chicago, and they make amazing whiskeys. Last week, I stopped by our local liquor store, and asked for some recommendations for Rye Whiskey- and they introduced me to Lion’s Pride Rye whiskey distilled by the amazing Koval.

According to their website, its founders, Robert and Sonat Birnecker, gave up academic careers to bring the distilling traditions and techniques of Robert’s Austrian grandfather to America. Certified both organic and kosher, Koval holds itself to the highest standards of purity and craftsmanship. Koval avoids the common industry practice of outsourcing the production of neural grain spirits for rectification, making all of its products from scratch. Each step of the distilling process, from the “mashing” to the bottling is carefully monitored to insure that only the best spirit reaches your lips.

So now we’re in Georgia for Christmas, and I regret to inform that Koval doesn’t distribute to this great state yet. I was going to buy a bottle of Lion’s Pride for my brother-in-law for Christmas, but absentmindedly forgot to purchase it before we left Chicago on Friday! If you live in Chicago, go buy some. If you don’t live in Chicago, buy it online here.

Posted by: Diana

Category: Pop Culture

20 Dec, 2010

Category: Pop Culture


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