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Lionlimb – Lacerations

I went to see Ferraby Lionheart a few nights ago, and before he played, this wonderful pop trio called, “Lionlimb” really caught my attention.

Yeah, they played really catchy, melancholy pop songs. Yeah, they showed a lot of maturity in their song writing. Yeah, they had a very strong drummer and guitarist and their vocalist could actually sing. All of this is true, but who really cares? These guys look fantastic.

I could spend all morning making up bullshit about how I think these guys probably all have really varied musical interests but all share an affinity for simple indie pop (a la Rosebuds etc.) I could also irritate the band by blindly espousing that their songs sound a lot like all the best parts of lots of classic rock and roll like Tom Petty, but when you get right down to it, I’m just some jerk from Georgia who likes to listen to music that I think is good.

You should listen to Lionlimb, because I think they’re good.

They have a very cool blog here.

Buy “Lacerations 7 inch”  here.

Listen: Lionlimb – What I Take

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18 Oct, 2010

Category: Music

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