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Le Loup

Beards flail and float suspended for a moment to tangle with the smoke from the campfire before they settle back onto thick fabric  as lanky plaid-clad woodsman dance awkwardly in a psychedelic-root-chewing induced trance. They channel the spirits of all the animals of the forest through the ends of their raised and bloodied hatchets as a leather-faced elder taps out tribal rhythms on a circuit-bent Casio. They snap and trample through a gnarled wreckage of old mother boards and circuitry. The lawn is littered with modems, cabling, filaments, monitors, and dot matrix printers, but it is their cabin that catches my eye.

Standing at just over six and a half feet, their dwelling is a shell of old computer housing. Sparks flicker off the ends of loose multi-colored, plastic belting that hangs from the ceiling propelling them, hissing snake like in midair like a water hose on the loose. From inside, a panoply of ancient melodies churn and expand into a feverish tribal roar. I sneak closer, press my eye to a crack in the housing. There I see a band of wolves leading the revival, and this is what they played.

Listen: Le Loup – Forgive Me

Download:Le Loup – Family

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4 Nov, 2010

Category: Music

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  1. […] particularly in the percussion department make it easy for me to compare them stylistically to Le Loup or maybe even Neutral Milk Hotel. The creative use of loops and electronic elements definitely […]

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