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Kira Neris

So,  it’s Sunday, and let’s face it. You’re hung over. Remember last night when you were raging to some new Tittsworth tracks and chain smoking cigarettes? Now the inside of your head feels like someone smeared your brain with Vaseline and liquid smoke and you just spent the last 45 minutes in the grocery store trying to decide between medium or large eggs. Instead, you end up walking home wondering why you decided to scrap the eggs altogether and buy another bag of flour.

Your brain is a tangled, matted mess, and it feels like your thoughts may possibly get drummed right out of your ears. The world around you is a barren, half-dead meadow and the world inside you is bending around your mind never landing squarely in one place long enough to actually focus.

Kira Neris is here to untangle that wadded up brain of yours. With smooth jazzy samples and beats that manage to be driving without being overly aggressive, every track from “Behind Closed Doors” will melt your hangover like a Jonas Jones record in the back seat of a Pontiac in August. They have a newer record that dropped in 2009 called A Frozen Second that will surely achieve the same result.

Download it here.

(Thanks to my work colleague and friend, Paul Brown, for the heads up here!)

Posted by: Jamie

Category: Music

3 Oct, 2010

Category: Music


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