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Interview – The Interrupters: Steve James/Alex Kotlowitz


The Tremble crew was recently granted the honor of interviewing the masterminds behind the incredibly moving documentary film, The Interrupters.

Steve James and Alex Kotlowitz have made great work before, remember?  With The Interrupters, the duo manage to capture not only the desperation, but also the vibrancy and richness of an underprivileged community plagued by a pattern of violence that has recently rocked Chicago’s south side.


With assistance and training from the Ceasefire organization, violence interrupters  (many of whom we were able to meet at the viewing), along with Steve and Alex explore the process of “interrupting” violent patterns within some of the most volatile communities in the United States. Read the full synopsis here, and GO SEE THE FILM!


Thanks to the lovely folks over at Kartemquin for allowing us the privilege of conducting this interview.

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31 Aug, 2011

Category: Interviews, Video

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