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Handmade Baby Booties

Baby booties!

So yesterday I went to my friends’ baby shower, and made these booties as a gift. I used Heather Baily’s pattern, and then embellished them using some left over lace and buttons that my grandmother gave me. These were the first booties I had ever made, and her pattern was really easy to follow, so this is a great project for a beginner seamstress.

I’m also really inexperienced with embroidery, but I used a simple blanket stitch to secure the openings (and add some serious cuteness). I used this video as a tutorial. (oh internet, I love you)

Last winter I accidentally put my boyfriend’s cashmere sweater in the drier, so I used some of this felted wool for the booties. (sorry, babe)

Cutting out the pattern

Determining the embellishments

Sewing on the leather reinforcements

Two top pieces with leather reinforcements

Top view of lace

Bottom view of lace

Constructing the shape

Seriously taking shape now

Yay! Almost done!

Pre lace bow

About to sew on the bow


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21 Mar, 2010

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