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Harlem – Hippies

So, recently, I was flipping through the pages* of a somewhat recent Paste Magazine, when I came across a section called, “Ears We Trust.” (It had a picture of an EAR WEARING A CAPE!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA EARS DON’T WEAR CAPES!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

The contributor was Justin Gage, founder of one of the best music blogs on the internet,  Aquarium Drunkard.  The premise of “Ears We Trust” (besides showing pictures of EARS WEARING CAPES!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) was to have different folks, this time, Gage, showcase a few bands he’s currently enjoying.

One of those bands was Austin-based, recent Matador Records signers, “Harlem.”

Paste is usually pretty on point, Gage is always on point, and Matador Records is a total powerhouse of excellent bands. I definitely had to check out “Harlem.”

I sure am glad I did. This trio is bringing ROCK and ROLL back into my house. Upon first listen, I didn’t really even notice the production, though after subsequent listens, I have determined that the overall sound of the record is  amazingly similar to so much phenomenal ’60s garage rock. The songs were so catchy and conjured up so many memories, that I found myself rocking along dangerously hard for 7:15am.

The tracks on “Hippies” beautifully convey a feeling much like the one you had the first time you saw The Caledonia Lounge tucked in behind the 40 Watt Club, and you thought to yourself, “This place looks interesting,” and you stepped inside and had your mind blown by a couple of ultra-nerdy looking guys who looked more like computer programmers than rock and rollers, and you thought to yourself, “I think I have to be a part of this…”

I just realized that probably not everyone that routinely visits internet web pages is from Athens, Ga. You may not know about the Caledonia Lounge. But, you know who does, I bet? Mr. Justin Gage. Good call, sir. I kindly ask you and Paste Magazine to please keep the reccomendations (AND HYSTERICAL PICTURES OF EARS WEARING CAPES!!! HAHAHAHAHAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) coming!

Download:Harlem – Hippies

Listen: Harlem –  Be Your Baby

*”Pages” are similar to “Internet Web Pages” except they are not on your computer screen and you have to manipulate them with your hands instead of your fingers. They are also “bound” into a “book,” “magazine,” “newspaper,” or some other physical representation of the internet.

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11 Oct, 2010

Category: Music

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