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Gauntlet Hair

So, I was chilling around the house recently listening to some tunes when I decided to do something completely out of character. I logged onto g-chat. (Of course, I’m being sarcastic. I’m like CONSTANTLY g-chattin’ it up, Y’ALL! I’m FANTASTIC AT G-CHAT!!!! V.v.V)

Anyway, here’s me on g-chat listening to those tunes I mentioned:

Just take a look at that face. Happy? Not exactly. Sad? Definitely not. A shade hungover? Possibly. Excited about tunes? Not really.

Anyway, it was about this time when my good friend Peggy Sue (you know the one… full out dino tattoo on her back… you guys know her, right?) told me via internet communication that I should check out her friend’s band, “Gauntlet Hair.” Knowing that Peggy Sue and I share an affinity for super crunchy trash rock, I was instantly curious about her suggestion. I clicked on the link she sent me, and a weird video of two dudes playing with a dog faded up from black. Then the music started.

Here’s me listening to Gauntlet Hair’s, “I Was Thinking.”

Now that’s a guy who is excited about tunes!

Gauntlet Hair is two buds playing rock and roll tunes that are somewhat hard to categorize. There’s tons of super slapped back guitars and reverbed out vocals (think a way harder rocking “Echo and the Bunnymen” maybe?), but it is the drums that really set this band apart from much of the other “made in the bottom of a galvanized trash can” shoe-gaze craze. There are definitely very interesting melodies present particularly in the vocal department, but this band is incredibly rhythm-driven. The drums are both very heavy and very calculated (especially in “Our Scenery.”) There seems to be a lot of excitement churning around in a slow boil just below the surface of these tracks.

The production on their 3 – song untitled demo I got my hands on seems very honest. It’s lo-fi but not in a self-aggrandizing “this is lo-fi because that’s what’s cool” kind of way. Gauntlet Hair seems like a couple of dudes playing the kind of rock and roll that comes from years of listening to and playing music together.

They’ve got a 7″ coming out soon through Mexican Summer. But, until then, enjoy:

Gauntlet Hair – “Our Scenery

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5 Oct, 2010

Category: Music

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4 Responses

  1. Allyson says:

    That is one seriously convincing argument!

  2. Peggysue says:

    God, what a great blog post!
    And, you are totally right about them, that’s awesome.
    Listening party this week!!!

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