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Friday From The Vault: Tim Greene – The Facts of Life

This dude, Tim Greene, is dropping some serious knowledge on this track. He’s just doing his damn thing. Telling you all about some life stuff. You know, in a funky way.

Before I heard this track, I was considering a life of crime and general deviance, but I had the FUNK scared right out of me when I heard the following lines from “Baby T.”

“Life is tough in those prison cells,
and on top of that, there are no females.”

Also, I could be way off base here. I couldn’t find much information about this online, but there’s a second female rapper that comes in about halfway through the song under the name “Lady Crush.” Is it just me, or is that DEFINITELY one of the chicks from L’Trimm*?

*(Wow, I just wandered off and got swept up in a total L’Trimm A.D.D. avalanche and found THIS apparently made by Lady Tigra.)

Anyway, hit me up if you know anything else about Tim Greene. Importe/12 Records / Sugarscoop Inc. did a good thing here.

Listen: Tim Greene – Tim Greene – The Facts of Life

Posted by: Jamie

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10 Dec, 2010

Category: Music

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  1. Jamie says:

    Got this record from J’S Variety in Athens, GA. It was in the break room. The owner took one look through the records and saw several Samantha Fox records and a Stacey Q record, grimaced and let me have them free.

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