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Friday From the Vault – Steve Young

Clip from “Heartworn Highways” documentary

Today’s Friday from the vault comes from a country musician by the name of “Steve Young.”

I must admit, I’m a bit biased about this fella’ because he’s a Georgia Native. In fact, his hometown of Newnan, GA seems to have been a hot bed for amazing musicians at one time. I mean, Alan Jackson is one of the top ten grossing country acts of all time. Okay, no, but seriously, Hamilton Bohannon? Are you kidding me? Awesome job, Newnan.

Besides appearing alongside some of my all time favorites, Larry Jon Wilson, Townes Van Zandt, etc in the documentary “Heartworn Highways,” Steven Young wrote one of my favorite folk/country albums of the ’70s, “Rock Salt and Nails.” You may recognize this title, because on this record was Steve Young’s song, “Seven Bridges Road.”

Wat, no, that’s an Eagles song. WRONG! Steve Young wrote Seven Bridges Road, and his version on Rock Salt and Nails absolutely kills.

This album is a classic outlaw country record. It is dark and Gothic, painted with brooding acoustic guitar strums, strings and gospel vocal backing. The production is drowning in whiskey and weed smoke and as the final reverb decays away with Young’s voice, you can’t help but feel that you’re hearing an old South, one you’ll never quite know or understand, a sear suckered, corn breaded, battered and deep fried South full of tent revivals, manners, “What does your daddy do’s” and moonshine decaying away with it.

This record was given to me by a friend of mine named PJ on a trip through Mississippi.

Listen: Steve Young – Holler in the Swamp

You can buy a CD of Rock Salt and Nails here.

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15 Oct, 2010

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