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Friday from the Vault: Lord Shorty – Sweet Music (Sofrito Edit)



Okay, so I am totally cheating on this Friday from the vault. I do not have time to do my own transfer of this song, but I SWEAR I actually own this record. I am going to cheat this morning, however. I am running a bit late for work, because my lovely wife and I went out and played REALLY bad pool for hours last night with our friend Andrew. That is a lot of background into my night particularly considering it has no bearing whatsoever on this post… Hmmm…. SWEET MUSIC!


The story behind this record is a bitter sweet one. I picked this up at Sound Garden in Baltimore at the end of a REALLY terrible trip across the country with my wife. We were both exhausted and so glad to be off the road. We were so sleep deprived that we felt jet lagged as we walked through the streets of Baltimore, zombie-like, still feeling the movement of the car even though we were walking.


I spotted this record and knew I wanted it without much prior knowledge of Lord Shorty. (I think I had heard the name at some point.) When we got back home, and I put this record on, I knew instantly it was a great decision. The record is a single, and the B-Side is a track called E-Pee-Tee. It’s fantastic as well. I will upload it when I get home from work today and add it to this post.


This and other amazing hard to find Tropicalia/African/Latin/Disco/Funk goodies are being discovered and reissued by the awesome folks at Sofrito. These cats have impeccable taste, and have some really stunning new releases coming soon.




Posted by: Jamie

Category: Music, Video

5 Aug, 2011

Category: Music, Video

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