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Friday From The Vault: Juluka – Kancane Kancane

T-Gives always affords me the luxury of eating a whole lot of meat and drinking a lot without feeling that bad about it. I really ramped it up this year and somehow gained about seven pounds in five days. I was certainly a bit more proud than ashamed of this weight-gain accomplishment, but I was even more proud of the wonderful records I found at Wuxtry in Athens, GA. Between eating delicious food cooked by Diana’s grandma and bouncing around with Diana’s sister’s kids, I found time to sneak into Wuxtry and GOBBLE up a few wonderful African records which have turned out to be a wonderful dressing on a delicious, southern, roundtrip turkey platter.


One of my favorite records I picked up was a group by the name of Juluka. I knew absolutely nothing about this band, but when I saw this cover, I knew I couldn’t miss.


Juluka combine maskanda and mbaqanga music which translates roughly into the music of the common man. Because these guys were untrained musicians and also integrated, they were initially treated as inferior and relatively ignored by mainstream radio. After a few of their songs went through the roof on the underground tip, however, they were given a lot more credence and recognized for the true talent they brought to the table.


These guys eventually celebrated quite an illustrious career which spanned nearly 20 years.


Check out the song Kancane Kancane off their 1984 release, Musa Ukungilandela. This record is full of amazing Zulu rhythms and beautiful South African harmonies which marry perfectly beneath the umbrella of some utterly astonishing (and ultra spacious) production. It’s also chock full of awful, cheesy, synths and some garish saxophone solos which, for some reason, endear it to me even more.


Listen: Juluka – Kancane Kancane

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2 Dec, 2011

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