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Friday From The Vault – Hamilton Bohannon

Good morning and happy Friday. I’m glad you got up. Now, get down.

Today’s Friday From the Vault comes to you directly from the sweetest soul-state in the nation, my beautiful home station, home to the world’s funkiest creations, Georgia.

Hamilton Bohannon hails from that great ’70s hotspot, Newnan, Georgia, and as I mentioned here, this place was a real hot bed of extreme talent.

There are so many things I love about the song “Stop and Go.” Here’s a few things that will blow your mind.

1. The rhythm guitar.

Okay, this has to be one of the funkiest rhythm guitar parts ever written. It completely rips up the entire track.

2. The drums.

Listen about halfway through to find a break down where the drummer is playing, in tandem, nothing but  quarter notes on the bass drum snare and high hat. He does this for about 16 measures. What a patient fella! Thanks!

3. The string breaks.

True to the times, this entire funky little record is absolutely rife with soaring violins and string breaks. This song is a prime example.

4. The story.

I was hanging out with my sister down in Mississippi, and she was telling me about her friend who had been the tour manager for several big acts. Most recently, he had been working a lot with DFA Records artists. I went to visit his house (quite late in the evening, I don’t particularly remember the occasion for the visit) was offered a beer, accepted, sat down on the couch and listened to every word this fellow had to say.*

Apparently, the drummer for LCD Soundsystem had been DJing solo a lot after shows and at clubs and parties. My sister’s friend asked him what was really moving the crowds the most lately. There was a slight pause, and he said, “You know what? I play a very eclectic blend of tunes from electro, to pop, to disco and funk, but my absolute GO-TO record when nothing else is working, is this guy from Newnan, Georgia called, “Bohannon.” You’ve gotta check him out.”

So check him out we did. The rest of that evening we sat on the couch transfixed by the amazing arrangements, the blaring horns, the stomping rhythms, and the overall sound of these Georgia-produced gems.

(*Some of the details of this account maybe just a bit skewed by lack of sleep and alcohol consumption, but for the most part, this is exactly how it went down.)

Hamilton Bohannon has such a fascinating story. He was Stevie Wonder’s drummer for a while, he was a prolific R&B / Disco producer, he was a vocalist, a percussionist, and he was one hell of a snappy dresser. Check out more info on this class act over here.

This song, “Stop and Go,” is from Bohannon’s record, “Too Hot to Hold” recorded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1979, and it will FUNK UP YOUR FRIDAY!

I found this in the used records section under the “Soul” category at Reckless Records for $2. I win.

Listen: Hamilton Bohannon – Stop and Go

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12 Nov, 2010

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