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FREE MUSIC MONDAY! Electronic Music Mix

Sorry this post comes so late, my friends. But in some parts of the world it’s still Monday, and free music is always fun, right? So let’s ignore that I’m once again a day late and a dollar short and just rock out like we lined our legs with peanut butter and put squirrels in our pants.

This week’s Free Music Mix Theme is: Electronic.

The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers pose for a picture taken with their Instagram iPhone App

As you may know, The Chemical Brothers composed the soundtrack to the movie Hanna (which is, at posting time, the #1 movie in America – fun fact). I have yet to see the movie, even though I’ve been anticipating its release since January. But I can close my eyes and imagine the action and drama from these tracks.

Click play below to listen to ‘escape 700’ by the Chemical Brothers

If you like sirens, click play below to listen to “The Devil Is In the Beats” by the Chemical Brothers

Click below to play ‘Container Park” by the Chemical Brothers


James Yuill

James Yuill

James Yuill's about to school you in the science of sound.

English “folktronica” artist James Yuill is known for his remixes, but using his acoustic guitar and his laptop, he rocks it on his own as a modern-day one-man band.

Click below to listen to & download “Give You Away”

Click here to listen to & download his many other remixes



I, too, like to get all dressed up and get all wet. I thought I was the only one who played 'wet aristocrat'.

Portland-based electro-pop quartet Starfucker (AKA STRFKR) will let you download their first single “Bury Us Alive” in exchange for your e-mail on their record label’s website.

But you can listen to it now by clicking here.

Here’s “Death as a Fetish”, too

Both are off the band’s latest album, Reptilians.

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12 Apr, 2011

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