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Here’s some samples of music from artists we have interviewed and will talk to at SXSW 2011 –

Family of the Year

Family of the Year waiting patiently for dinner.

Spirited, folksy Americana music makes me happy. Stream their song “Stupid Land” here


Each of these fellows have nice pants. Normally I hate pants, but somehow, Locksley makes it OK.

I’ve been a fan of Locksley since I heard their song on a Payless Shoes commercial. Now they’ve got a song on the Rango soundtrack. Being a fan of shoes, animated movies, and happy indie pop rock, I am so excited to talk to this handsome four-some.

Click here to find out how to download their single, “Oh, Wisconsin!” Which, btw, was that song that played when the Packers won the Super Bowl.

Luke Rathborne

Luke Rathborne. If you cannot see his pain, you will most definitely hear it.

The moody ballads of Luke Rathborne come from a place deep within him – a place beautiful in its darkness, sweet in its sadness. He is ready to give you a tour of this place. Come along. Take his hand. There’s nothing to be afraid of.

Click here to listen to the title track off his new album, “Dog Years”

Click here to listen to “I Can Be One”


Bikini, waiting to get picked up. Don't worry boys, I'm comin'.

The electro/trancey/shoegazy tunes of Bikini will put you in a very zen space where there is a radical party, and champagne explodes from bottles in slow motion.

Download “American Mourning” here

Enjoy new music! Look for our interviews with these artists and more in the coming weeks!

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18 Mar, 2011

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