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Fredrik – Flora – Listen to the entire new album RIGHT NOW.

Swedish experimental folk band, Fredrik releases their newest album Flora to an eager US audience on April 12, 2011.

But if you’re like me, you just can’t wait. You saw them play an intimate concert at Epoch Coffee during SXSW (or some similar situation) and you want that collection of percussion-heavy, dreamy, smooth & silky electronic-infused folk. right now.

So to whet the appetite of hungry fans, the trio has released the album through Youtube as a seemless stream of songs set against hypnotizing visuals.

I tend to steer clear of Youtube videos over 7 minutes long (thank you MTV for this short attention span), but the camera movement of Fredrik’s video created visuals that were so hypnotizing. In the video, the camera follows a lone wolf (toy) from the woods, through parks and neighborhoods, over railroad tracks, through traffic, steadily moving through faceless passerbys. Shot by the band in their hometown of Malmö, the video seems to weave a narrative, and I felt like I was on a journey with that plastic wolf. That, and I live in a concrete jungle and had never been to Sweden so I was pretty mesmerized the entire 39 minutes.

When I talked to Fredrik at SXSW, I asked the band to describe their new album in one word. Their response was not one word, but instead a sort of poem (probably because while there might be a word in Swedish, none of us could think of the English equivalent at the time). Percussionist O. Lindefelt described the album as, “[A] changing of seasons… like that moment in between day and night, just before the sun sets.”

And I can see what he’s saying as the light hits the wolf from all sides in this video. And I can feel what he’s saying listening to Flora start to finish.

Fun fact:Twilight” (the word, not the best-selling teen romance franchise) in Swedish is “skymning”.

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7 Apr, 2011

Category: Music, Video

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