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Posted by: Diana

Category: ART, Photo

30 Dec, 2010

Category: ART, Photo

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  1. Bongumusa says:

    UnhappyHero22/09/2010I’m getting rellay fed up with all the problems with my HTC Hero since the 2.1 update. Prior to the update I could put up with the annoying niggles (main one being the handset switching itself off at random for no reason my other half got the same phone at the same time and his did the same). Since the update, where do I start?! The handset continues to randomly switch itself off. The battery life has become ridiculous, from charging every few days (depending on use) I now have to carry the charger with me all the time low/no use I have to charge it once a day, but if I actually use the phone I have to charge it more! For example, I charged the phone just before I went to bed last night, didn’t use it once it was fully charged, 7 hours later when I got up it was already down to half charge and all it had done was ring the alarm! This leads me nicely to the alarm clock function which now refuses to switch off. Even though I am swiping the screen to turn it off, it repeats at 10 minute intervals 2 or 3 times before finally stopping. It’s like it’s been put on snooze rather than being turned off. I’m also having difficulties with some of the numbers in my contact list, such as my other half’s. The phone has added 44 to the start of the number so that when I dial it, the number isn’t recognised. When I go to edit the contact details to remove the 44, it’s not actually there! But when I save it it comes back and displays with the 44. This means I have to manually type the number in to call it, rather than using the speed dial or contact list. This is madness!! There are other things that aren’t springing to mind at the moment but I think that will do for now. I’ve gone from loving this phone to hating it since the update and I’ve still got a year and half left on the contract.

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