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I was trolling the myspace ghetto neighbors of some of the more well known Ed Banger acts recently when I came across this completely amazing artist by the name of “Errorsmith.”

Upon first listen, I thought perhaps my speakers weren’t working properly, but I quickly realized that all of Errorsmith’s tracks did in fact sound like an amalgamation of every ’70s science fiction movie space ship sound effect run through heavy processing. Taken alone his tracks are quirky, repetitive, trance inducing sonic explorations that leave you feeling a bit on edge, because you know that at any moment, you may have to disable your craft’s main computer after it has systematically tried to annihilate you.

It is only after hearing his songs within the context of his album entitled simply, “Errorsmith 2” (I think) that I began to understand to a degree what he was going for. To say these songs are amelodic would be a massive understatement. Errorsmith inundates his listener with very rhythmic club sounds or pieces of club sounds played through instruments that he has created. This collection of songs is both minimal (one very simple rhythm played for five minutes) and very layered (the sounds are run through boat loads of processing.) Any “musical movement” on this record is experienced predominately through manipulation of reverb, EQ filtering, subtle rhythm alteration, and delay.

There is a very precise description of his work found on his internet web page. Apparently, he is an integral half of the wildly ubiquitous “MMM” record label started by he and and fellow German producer, DJ Fiedel. (Remember the track, “Donna?” YES!)

He has put out a couple of releases since “Errorsmith 2,” but this is the first one I was able to get my dainty little hands* on.

There is a wonderfully articulate description of “Errorsmith 2” that can be found here.

On top of all of this, Errorsmith just last year participated in a very cool collaborative art project under the name Visomat Inc. with “Telematique.” Check out their  large scale installation entitled, “Halbzeug Oberflächenveredelung” below.

Buy Errorsmith records here.

Listen: Errorsmith – Pick A Bone

*I have pretty normal hands, actually.

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13 Oct, 2010

Category: ART, Music

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