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Drive By Truckers

The Drive-By Truckers have never been known for having happy-go-lucky songs. Their newest record The Big To Do is no different. The Athens, GA boys (and girl) have done it again. And by doing it again, I mean making a half-decent alt-country album about losing your job, or seeing your father die in your arms, or just living a worthless life.  Most of the albums have only one or two decent songs (mostly the ones that were written strictly by Patterson Hood). Basically, I’ve used more hyphens in this paragraph than they have good songs. This song ‘This Fucking Job’ is probably the only listen-able one off the new album. Enjoy.

Warning: If you’re in a good mood today, watching this video will completely change that…

Posted by: Jamie

Category: Music, Video

18 May, 2010

Category: Music, Video


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