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Marissa Wasseluk

Until this moment, Marissa Wasseluk did not know she had an individual bio on this website. The “silent partner”, and, kind of ironically, communications manager of Tremble, she is the woman you talk to when you want your band or artist interviewed by the blog. In fact you can e-mail her right now to pitch her. She is waiting to hear from you.

Marissa is a digital media specialist, nonprofit communicator, freelance video producer, and social media guru living in Chicago, IL. She likes writing and is the scribe of many different blogs. At Tremble, she is Pop Culture editor because of her interest in, well, just about everything. She also draws and if you ask her real nice, and/or when she’s under the influence, she’ll show you her private journal of comic strips about her everyday life. A fan of music and food, in her spare time she listens to music and eats.

Follow her daily exploits and ironic statements about life here.

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